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  • June 08, 2017
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Top food trends for 2017

It’s clear, hyper-regional foods are continuing to set our tastebuds into salivation mode. From Niche Cuban to Filipino restaurants, authenticity seems to be at the top of the list. Hero dishes are definitely the tacos, which have been bombarding our Instagram feeds.

There seems to be a massive trend on NON-ALCOHOLIC Drinks… Lots of talk of turmeric shots, charcoal-activated water, cold-pressed juices and non-alcoholic ‘spirits’.

Sea veggies – Seaweed, YES YES and YES! On everything! Snack, topping, meal you name it!

Gut healthy foods like Kimchi, Kombucha, Yucatan are said to help with irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, fertility, immunity, low energy and libido.
Pickling and fermenting. So in Farshan!

Minimising food wastage! This is huge at the moment. This is something we can all get on top of. Minimising personal food waste and cooking smart – using any or all left over ingredients.

Kitchen Gadgets. The new APPLE trend. Stay up to date with the latest kitchen gadgets – looking tres sci-fi these days.

Eating bugs? Insects now come in pulverised powder form – this ‘flour’ can be used in pancakes for instance – and it almost sounds appetising. The idea of munching down a whole cricket I know, isn’t so appetising however cricket flour doesn’t sound so bad. A must try.

We are always looking for new cool ways and recipes for healthy snacks… with a continued blurring of mealtimes means more of us opt to graze instead of eat three meals a day. Picking and sharing small plates are on the rise, as are healthier snack solutions, so expect to see lower-sugar and high-protein bites. Instead of picking up a packet of chips try a healthy snack that will keep you going for longer.