At Kitchen Food Company we understand that we have an ethical responsibility to make a committed and on going community
in which we operate.


Waste Management & Energy Use

Waste management and energy savings are an essential part of our sustainability model, business decisions that affect the environment are taken very seriously, which is why we follow strict waste management and energy usage procedures to ensure that we negate the environmental consequences of our daily actions.

Recycling is predominant throughout our operation. We use limited plastic, instead opting to use recycled brown paper products and other recycled materials where possible. We are also proud to say we use PLA packaging made from plants for some of our products.

When it comes to recycling and waste management, we also demand a comparable dedication from our suppliers. The majority of our smallgoods, meat, fruit and vegetable products, bakery products and dairy products are received in re-usable crates. Of the minimal suppliers who deliver in boxes and other associated packaging, our facility has colour coded recycling skip bins, which are supplied to recycling plants weekly. Kitchen Food Company also recycles all of its cooking oil, which is treated and processed into re-usable Biofuel.




Supply Chain & Product Sourcing

Kitchen Food Company is 100% Australian owned and operated, so we sincerely understand the values and significance of supporting local business and suppliers. Localisation of supply can be seen throughout our operation.

Farm animal welfare matters and we are proud to use 100% free range chickens and cage free eggs where possible. We continue to review the practises of all our meat and milk suppliers to ensure the care and handling of these animals are meeting welfare standards.




Community Investment

The ultimate aim of Kitchen Food Company is to encourage and promote good health and a sustainable way of living, improving quality of life for everyone. Our products are focused on quality, variety, consistency and value for money. Our key goal is to strive to ensure everyone in the community has access to a healthy way of living & eating.